Mr. Song Millinery Argan 20° Oil Essence

Argan 20° Oil Essence

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The Product:
  • Argan 20 Oil Essence is made with argan oil as well as shea butter for a silky application with leaving skin moisturized and soft. Different types of plant oil extracts to rejuvenate skin. Made with Nature Republic's high-temperature technology, the Argan 20° skin care line is easily absorbed into skin to leave skin moisturized and soft. 
    • For all skin types; Ideal for dry to extremely dry, flaky skin
    • Oil-cream type essence
    • Deep skin hydration and rich nourishment for long hours
    • Soothes and tightens skin

    How to Use:
    After applying Argan 20 Ampoule, pump essence 2-3 times and apply it on the entire face avoiding the eye areas.

    Tip: Skincare Routine:
    Cleanser -->Toner –> Ampoule --> Essence –> Emulsion – Cream --> Sunscreen

    Main Ingredients:
    Argan oil 1,000 ppm, shea butter, moringa seed oil, baobab extract, argantencsyl

    Usage Caution:
    If you experience the following symptoms after using this product, stop using the product immediately: red rash, swelling, itching, particularly if these symptoms are stimulated by direct sunlight. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a dermatologist. Do not use this product on open wounds, scars, eczema or dermatitis. Should this product be applied directly to the eyes, flush with water. Keep product closed when it is not in use, and out of children’s reach and out of direct sunlight, in a room with moderate temperature

    The Brand:

    Korea’s prominent nature-oriented brand, Nature Republic is a naturalistic brand that finds and shares the energy and life found in pure nature from all over the world.

    Genuine Certified Product

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