How do they Fit?

Our hats fit most people right out of the box.  Year-Round hats usually have an internal adjustment that allows variations in fit.  We usually make the hats medium to large and can also provide a "spacer" if needed to allow for changes in hair styles.  Felt hats are less adjustable. If you are new to hats, or have a question about fit, please contact us with the style you are interested in and your head measurement.

How to measure your head:

Take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of the head, slightly above the ears.

Typical Hat Sizes:

Small = 20 3/4 to 22  inches (52.70 to 55.88 cm)
Medium = 22 to 22 3/4 inches (57.78 cm)
Large = 22 3/4  to 23 5/8 (57.78 to 60 cm)
X Large = 23 5/8 + inches (57.78 + cm)

Is the Inaugural Bow Hat available in Felt?

The felt version of the hat is reserved for Aretha Franklin and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  The Inaugural II is very similar, but made with the same high quality satin ribbon materials and broad color choice that the other hats in the Collection share.

What is the difference between a fascinator and a hatinator?

Fascintors and hatinators both are set on a headband and sometimes also with a comb. Some of our headbands have 3 or 4 "bands" depending on the styles. Hatinators differ by their styles because they resemble a hat in appearance but are too shallow to be called hats.

What if my hat doesn't fit?

Many of our hats have either satin or elastic drawstrings inside the hat to make them tighter. For hats that are larger around the crown than desired, there is an inexpensive and simple remedy: weather foam seal adhesive strips. These can be acquired by most local hardware stores which you can simply insert and adhere inside the hat in between the crown band and the hat.

How do I store a hat?

Storing a hat is much like storing shoes, bags, and other accessories. This can be done by recycling things that you have around your home. Simply, you can use a cardboard box (it doesn't have to be a fancy hat-box) and place your hat in it encased in a plastic bag. For optimal results, stuff the hat with paper or plastic bags, such as grocery bags, and blow in some air into the bag and cinch it. Label that box with the description or paste a photo of your hat for quick and easy identification.
For storing fascinators or other headwear that are not in typical hat-shape, you can pad the areas of the box with any item you don't mind recycling, such as paper, bags, etc., so the head-piece is propped up, if necessary.
For restoring hats or fascinators with feather plumages, you can use low-setting iron steam to spring them back to life. Just be sure not to over-saturate with steam as it may wilt.

How do I clean a hat?

For best results, use the services of a cleaner that is familiar with hats.
Otherwise, carefully spot-clean with a clean cloth that is dampened with water. If the spot is still visible, try with diluted mild soap/water solution.

How do I choose the right hat?

There are many opinions about which style, color and size a person should wear based on stature, face shape, color tones, and more. 
Here 2 of the basics:
For small features/stature, opt for smaller brim with less dimensions.
For angular shaped faces, opt for smooth lines.
However, we feel that the most important factor in choosing the right head-wear is the wearer's satisfaction.