About Us

Since 1982, Mr. Song Millinery, with its signature, high fashion headwear, has adorned women all over the World. Considered by some as works of art, Mr. Song Millinery is on display at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, African-American Museums, and The Smithsonian. Mr. Song Millinery’s innovation and unmatched craftsmanship has contributed to modernizing the wear-ability of headwear and its design by creating the unique all-season materials which provides flexibility and crush/stain resistance with fashion-forward styles that enhances the feathers of classic millinery.

Mr. Song Millinery is an exclusive online store. Customers can scheduled a private appointment to discuss their headwear needs by calling 313-873-2540. The office address is 21555 Melrose Avenue, Suite 2, Southhfield, Michigan 48075, U.S.A.